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In Skytex we are proud to be one of the most important manufacturers in the region of the Free Trade Agreement of North America and Latin America fabric polyester high torque, as well as synthetic fabrics with spandex circular dyed and printed fabric.

Due to its equipment and advanced technology, our plant well be considered one of the most modern of its kind worldwide.

Thanks to the vertical integration of all processes, from the twisted wire to the pattern of the fabric, we are able to guarantee the highest quality in all our products, and thus, offer the best service to our customers.

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Skytex group consists of a group of companies thanks to its cutting edge technology and determination help ensure the highest quality in all our products. Skytex group focuses on the clothing industry, fashion, home decor, cleaning, mattress industry, furniture and others. Our plant is located in the Industrial Park in Huejotzingo, Puebla and covers more than 80,000 square meters. Skytex Group complies with all national as well as international standards.

The main market our products are destined is the fashion and clothing, so the variety of fabrics in terms of textures, finishes, colors and patterns, acquired significant importance as permanently have to offer alternatives vanguard of according to the trends of international fashion brand

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"Quality First"

Plane and Circular tissue. Surge in the country as the first factory for high torque fabrics. Using polyester fibers to offer the market a domestic product able to replace and improve the products had to be imported.

Battens. At the end of 2006 we started manufacturing strips with advanced technology and high quality control; made with nylon and polyester, offering high strength and variety in size and color.

Environment. As a company we not only comply with government regulations in the field of industry, but also meet our own objectives in organic matter.

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We are located in Industrial Corridor Quetzalcoatl, Huejotzingo, Pue

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